Thursday, December 22, 2016

Advanced Math Solutions – Vector Calculator, Simple Vector Arithmetic

Vectors are used to represent anything that has a direction and magnitude, length. The most popular example of a vector is velocity. Given a car’s velocity of 50 miles per hour going north from the origin, we can draw a vector. In this blog post, we will focus on the simpler aspects of vectors. We won’t talk about how to graph vectors.

Position vectors are vectors that give the position of a point from the origin. The vector is denoted as \vec{v}=<a_1,\:a_2,\:a_3> and starts at point A=(0, 0, 0) and ends at point B=(a_1,\:a_2,\:a_3).

This brings us to how to find a vector given an initial and final point. Given two points A=(a_1,\:a_2,\:a_3) and B=(b_1,\:b_2,\:b_3), the vector \vec{AB}, which goes from point A to B, is \vec{v}=<b_1-a_1,\:b_2-a_2,\:b_3-a_3>.

Adding vectors is very simple

Given two vectors \vec{a}=<a_1,\:a_2,\:a_3> and  \vec{b}=<b_1,\:b_2,\:b_3> , \vec{a}+\vec{b}=<a_1+b_1,\:a_2+b_2,\:a_3+b_3>

Here’s an example of adding vectors (click here):

Subtracting vectors is just as simple

Given two vectors \vec{a}=<a_1,\:a_2,\:a_3> and  \vec{b}=<b_1,\:b_2,\:b_3> , \vec{a}-\vec{b}=<a_1-b_1,\:a_2-b_2,\:a_3-b_3>

Here’s an example subtracting vectors (click here):

Scalar multiplication is used to lengthen or shorten a vector
Given two vectors \vec{a}=<a_1,\:a_2,\:a_3> and any number c, c\vec{a}=<ca_1,\:ca_2\:ca_3>

Here’s an example of scalar multiplication (click here):

Every vector has a magnitude and a direction. The direction is where its arrow is pointed and the magnitude is the length of the vector. If the magnitude of a vector is 1, then we call that vector a unit vector.

Magnitude is denoted as |\vec{a}| or ||\vec{a}||.
We will use ||\vec{a}||, so we don't get confused with absolute values.

Here’s an example of finding a vector’s magnitude (click here):

A unit vector \hat{u\:}, is a vector with length 1.

Here’s an example of finding the unit vector of a vector (click here):

Here are some properties to memorize about basic vector arithmetic:

The topics we covered in this blog are simple. I recommend practicing a few examples and memorizing the formulas, and you should be good to go. We are going to cover some of the heavier vector topics in next blog.

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