Monday, June 15, 2015

Advanced Math Solutions – Limits Calculator, Factoring

In a previous post, we talked about using substitution to find the limit of a function. Sometimes substitution does not immediately work, like when the limit is one of the indeterminate forms. In this case, we must algebraically manipulate the function first. We will focus on factoring the function in order to use substitution.

Here we will work out the first problem step by step (click here):

       1. Try Substitution: 
When we substitute 2 in for x, we get  0/0, an indeterminate. Therefore, we must manipulate the fraction.

       2. Factor both the numerator and denominator:

Once factored, the numerator and the denominator showed that they have a common factor, (x-2). This factor was then cancelled out, leaving a simplified fraction.

       3. Substitute 

Here is another example using factoring (click here):

Last example … (click here):

I did not find factoring to be too challenging. The only obstacle I came across when dealing with limits was remembering that factoring is an option. Don’t forget that there are multiple ways to solve the limit.

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