Thursday, March 20, 2014

It’s A Small World

Mathematics is a language; it is the language of science. Our vision, when we started this journey more than two years ago, was to make scientific content universally accessible by expanding the searchable space onto scientific notations, expressions, equations and formulas.  So we’ve built a search engine that does just that.  But for kids to learn math, first and foremost they need help with their class work, they need help solving problems, they need help now.  So we’ve built step by step solutions engine that can solve any math problem to complement the search.  The response is amazing, school kids and college students love Symbolab, not because they can “cheat” with their homework, but because they can finally understand math.

To be really helpful, we are now making the solution steps available in multiple languages.
The world is not so small after all…we are doing this step-by-step, starting with calculus solution steps in Chinese and Russian.

Here’s the link to Symbolab Solutions in Simplified Chinese:

Here’s the link to Symbolab Solutions in Russian:

Stay tuned for updates



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