Monday, December 16, 2013

Think Big, Logarithmic Equations

Logarithmic equations are often used in various scales of measurement; reducing wide-ranging quantities to smaller scopes.  Examples of logarithmic equations applications in real life are with earthquakes scale (Richter), sound scale (decibel), pH levels, radioactive decay, bacterial growth, population growth, continuous interest and more.  Logarithmic equations are pretty useful; you might as well learn how to solve them.

To solve logarithmic equations you should first manipulate the equation to have log with the same base on both sides so you can drop the logs (the only way two logs can be equal if their arguments are equal).   The next step is solving a linear or polynomial equation (we know how to do that), last but not least you should check the solutions by plugging them into the original equation (we can only plug positive numbers into a logarithm).

It’s easier than it sounds; let’s start with an example (click here):

Type in the logarithmic equation

Press Go

Another example (click here):

Stay tuned for more.



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