Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Perpendicular Line, Normal Line, Elimination Method, Biquadratic Equations and More

What’s in common between Perpendicular Line, Normal Line, Elimination Method and Bi-quadratic Equations? All are new features we’ve just added.  This calls for a blog post!

So what’s new?  Step by step solutions for Normal line, Perpendicular line, Elimination Method, and Biquadratic Equations, pretty amazing!

Let’s dive right into this:

Perpendicular Line

Perpendicular lines have a negative reciprocal slope, all it takes to find the equation of the line perpendicular to the line at a point is to calculate the slope.

Let’s see how it works (click here):

Normal Line

The normal line to a curve at a given point is the line perpendicular to the tangent line to the curve at the point.  To find the normal line, find the tangent line first then find the equation of the perpendicular line (same technique as above).  Symbolab knows how to do all this, type Normal (along with the function and point), and Go.

Here’s how it looks like (click here):

System of Equations – Elimination Method

The Elimination Method is the process of eliminating one of the variables in a system of equations using addition or subtraction.  The Substitution Method is the process of solving an equation for one variable, and subsequently substituting that solution in the other equation.  In most cases you can use one or the other.

We’ve made it easier for you to select the method of your choice.  Type in the system of equations, press Go, you should notice the different methods listed.

Click here to see how it works:

Simply click “Using the elimination method” to get the solution steps by elimination:

Bi-quadratic Equations

A bi-quadratic equation is a quadratic function of a square, having the form f(x)=ax^4+bx^2+c. To solve you simply have to rewrite the equation as a quadratic equation.

Here’s how Symbolab does just that (click here):

Enjoy the new features!



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