Sunday, October 27, 2013

High School Math Solutions – Inequalities Calculator

Symbolab's "getting started" series is moving on to help you solve high school level algebra and calculus.

First up is solving high school level inequalities; that is quadratic inequalities and inequalities involving algebraic fractions.

This is a lot like solving simple inequalities (See Middle School Inequalities post here).
Just like with simple inequalities we start by solving the equation and same as before, we are looking for intervals rather than points.  So what’s the catch?  If you remember, we can’t simply multiply or divide by algebraic factors (multiplying or dividing by negative values reverse the inequality).  Now the two intercepts split the x-axis into three intervals, we have to test the conditions for each. Finally we have to find the intervals that satisfy the condition.

Here's how Symbolab solves quadratic inequality, including the solution steps, (click here):

Here’s an example with algebraic fractions (click here):

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