Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Spirit

Merry Xmas

In the holiday spirit, we are starting a new tradition here at Symbolab, displaying holiday greetings (and other messages) in the search box (very hot real-estate).

If you have a cool greeting, simply send us the text, or try to be creative and use the Symbolab pad to type a clever expression (copy the string from the text box and send us via email) The best greetings will be displayed for everyone to enjoy.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays (until the next greeting),


Friday, December 21, 2012

How to Symbolab limits

Limits are essential to calculus and are used to define continuity, derivatives, and integrals.  Limits help us approximate sequences and function for any input x (to infinity and beyond).   We’ll show you how to use Symbolab to evaluate limits.

There are many different techniques to evaluate limits such as substitution, algebraic manipulations, trigonometric identities, the squeeze theorem and my personal favorite L'Hôpital Rule.

How can you tell which technique to use?  Simply by searching Symbolab for a specific limit, you should get solutions, examples and theoretical explanation on the limit at hand. 

Lets start by typing in a limit, click on the lim button on the basic menu (you can always select from the auto-suggest), fill in the limit details and search

Example of algebraic manipulation

Limits: Example of the squeeze theorem

What’s your favorite technique?

Until next week,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Online Education Is All About knowledge

Online education is a disruptive innovation for the obvious reasons, namely global reach, scale and cost. And for not so obvious reasons (if implemented correctly) such as customization and personalization (one size doesn’t fit all), not to mention the education research space that was never conducted in such scale before.

symbolab online education

The importance of reach and scale from enabling developing  countries to get the best education available by enrolling to free open online courses from top universities such as MIT, Stanford and Yale, to less heroic reasons  such as the flexibility to enroll to any class any time…
Bad economic times take a toll on education.  Universities are downsizing, cost of education is rising, and graduates are unemployed while stuck with six-figure student loan debt. Traditional education no longer can offer value for money.

A great TED talk by Daphne Koller, Coursera co-founder, on online education - click here

Well, there are still issues to resolve, and not everyone agrees with this notion.   An interesting  post by Mark Edmundson, a professor of English at the University of Virginiaon the trouble with online education - click here

Online education is not just about higher education and degrees; it is first and foremost about knowledge.   Online education today offers a syllabus very similar to the traditional education, it is the “how” that changed not so much the “what”.  But in the future, we should be able to change the “what”, just like we are using search engines to learn, find answers, and build something new.

Until the next post,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Symbolab Series

Mathematical series is a useful tool, from calculating lease payments to approximation of functions.  We’ll show you how to use Symbolab to solve, prove and most important understand series.  

symbolab series

How to search for a series?  You can type in the elements, the sum or the equation (isn’t it great that we have ∑ on the pad?) 

symbolab geometric series

The summation version (click here)
symbolab geometric series summation version

You can type in the series name, don’t worry, we will highlight the equation for you
 'taylor series' for instance...
taylor series

If you want to specify what you are looking for you can also type in ‘solve’, ‘proof by induction’ or any textual description.  You can also add quantifiers or conditions

series with proof keyword

series with solve keyword

Last but not least you can refine the search results by the media of your choice.  If you are into video tutorials refine by Video, Khan Academy has some great videos on series…and yes, we search Khan Academy by equation as well!

Until next week,