Monday, January 18, 2016

High School Math Solutions – Trigonometry Calculator, Trig Function Evaluation

Trig function evaluation is a very important skill to acquire throughout math, especially when you don’t have a calculator. This is just one of the topics you must really master in order to further succeed in math.

Some things to memorize:

Degrees to Radians: x° \cdot\:\frac{\pi}{180}
Radians to Degrees: x\pi \cdot\:\frac{180°}{\pi}

Even/Odd Identities

Reciprocal/Tangent Identities

Sum/Differences Identities

!! This is your best friend. You really, really need to memorize the first quadrant. !!

I will now briefly talk about periodic functions. A periodic function is a function that repeats its value in regular periods. What does that mean? It means that for every period of π, π/2, 2π, etc., the function has the same value. Here are some periodic functions to memorize:


There is no trick to evaluating trig functions. Memorizing what is above will help you to become successful in trig function evaluation.

Here’s an example (click here):

Here’s another example (click here):

Evaluating trig functions is pretty simple, but very important to know. For more practice, checkout Symbolab’s practice.

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