Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Symbolab and the Future of Search

There is some buzz about the future of search, mainly has to do with Google Knowledge Graph and Star Trek computer (super geeky, I know). 

What does it mean?  The Knowledge Graph is all about intent, attempting to return results based on the meaning of what you search for instead of just literal keyword matches.

It is an important transition from strings to things, from examining keywords to meaning, in other words semantic search; search that takes it beyond mere words and into the world of entities, attributes and the relationship between those entities, such as people, places, sites, sports teams, movies, and more.
For example if you search for Lebron James, Google knows it is a person, not just any person, an NBA player, and gives you back images, a bio, date of birth, height, salary (wow), partner, etc. and related searches that naturally revel top NBA players.  So now the term “Lebron James” refers to an entity rather than keywords.

Now if you think of equations as things, what follow is a scientific knowledge graph of equations, theorems, research topics and more and the connections between these objects.  But is it really a separate graph?  No, there should be no silos; after all it is connected by people, places, by things. 
Why is this so important?  To be able to ask any question (even questions we don’t know how to ask) and get answers, to learn new facts, make predictions, new discoveries.  This is the true sense of science unleashed.

Symbolab is building for the future!