Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to Symbolab free form equations

Typing equations can be challenging, to make it simple we’ve created the pad.  But most web search engines and tools support text equations (or Latex at best).  If you are used to text equations not to worry, we now support freeform equations (I.e. text and symbols).  Why?  So you can symbolab your way.

How is this different than the generic search engines?  Symbolab understands equations, not just as a collection of keywords and symbols, but the mathematical meaning of the expression.  Symbolab returns solution with steps, plot, and relevant search results, where other search engines just can’t.

free form equations

Let’s start by solving a quadratic equation - click here

x squared minus 2x plus 4 equals 6

Once you click Enter or Search you will notice the equation transformed into mathematical expression, magic…

x squared minus 2x plus 4 equals 6 results

Let’s step up to, my favorite, integrals - click here

integrate (sin squared x) over (cos squared x)

Search, and...

integrate (sin squared x) over (cos squared x) results

Ready to mix and match? - try this

mix and match


mix and match results

Use the pad, type in text or mix and match, do math your way… and make sure you send us feedback.

Until next week,