Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Symbolab to the rescue, k12 Edition

k12 math

Whether you are a student struggling with Math, or just want to learn more,  Symbolab is the tool for you.   Type in an equation (real simple with the scientific pad), you will instantly get back step by step solutions, graphs, and cool sites that explain in more detail the concept behind the specific equation.  

We’ve added sources tailored for k12 such as Dr Math, CK-12, Math is Fun, S.O.S. Math, IXL and more.  Make sure you check other sources as well like Kahn Academy (Video), Yahoo Answers (Forum), Example Problem (Step-by-Step), Wikipedia (Encyclopedia).

Before you jump in, let’s walk through some examples: 

Solving simple equations (click here):


Factoring and plotting (click here):


Understanding & solving quadratic equations (click here):


2x^2-3x+2=1 steps

Click here to start. And stay tuned for more cool upcoming features