Monday, January 7, 2013

Symbolab Spring Collection

Are you ready for spring semester? Because we are.

Symbolab spring

We’ve added quite a few features recently and can’t wait to share it all with you.

Solution Steps

In addition to complementing search results with solution and plot, we now walk you through the solution step by step.  So for every equation you search for you get a solution with step by step explanation.  Currently, solution steps are available for expression simplification and limits.  Stay tuned for updates on upcoming solution steps.

Take a look at this example (click here):

Symbolab Solution Steps example

Step-by-Step Category

Not only we’ve added Solution Steps, we are introducing a new category “Step by Step”.  There are some excellent resources on the web with detailed explanation of how to solve math problems.  Simply by searching for a specific equation, you can now get the solution you are looking for. Isn’t that a great feature!

For example (click here):

Symbolab Step-by-Step Category

To attend to k12 students and teachers, we’ve added a new k12 category, covering top k12 sites such as Dr. Math, CK-12, Math is Fun, S.O.S. Math, IXL and more.

For example (click here):

Symbolab k12

We hope that you find the new features exciting and helpful as we do.  Please keep sending us feedback, and thank you for helping us improve our site!

Happy and Prosperous 2013 from all of us at Symbolab,