Sunday, November 25, 2012

The How to Symbolab

sym·bol·ab /ˈsimbəˌlab /
  1. Use an equation Internet search engine, particularly "she spent the afternoon   symbolabing calculus".
  2. Search for the name of (equation) on the Internet to find out information about it.

We are kicking off a new series of blog posts, the how to symbolab  (adding a new verb to your vocabulary). Each week we will pick a topic based on the most popular searches for that week, and share examples and tips on how to best symbolab equations and terms related to that topic.  Topic requests are welcome!

Why not add links and more examples to the site?  Well, we really want to have a place to share and discuss information, ideas, examples, questions, suggestions, etc.  We want to hear from you. 

symbolab calculus

For instance, the hot topic of this week (other than Thanksgiving) is Calculus I “prove this” exercise.
How to symbolab proofs?  As a general rule of thumb, type the equation first (to best use auto-suggest), add the text describing the proof type (e.g. proof, proof by induction proof by contradiction), and there you go, your proof  and important reading material is right there.   The equations on the right of the result set, along with the document title should guide you to the result that is most relevant to you.

Proof by induction example

symbolab irrational proof

proof by contradiction example

Let’s get started, oh, we just did.



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