Monday, October 15, 2012

If you can’t find equations, let the equations find you

How simple it should  be to click on any equation while browsing through books, class notes, documents,  and instantly getting information without having to type it in (it’s most likely an image)  Symbolab Quick Search does just that for you. 

What is Quick Search?  it’s a smart browser extension that identifies equations in documents and on selection returns computation information and search results.  No toolbars, no popups, no spam, simple, clean, seamless integration.

Symbolab Quick Search IconAfter installing the extension, you will notice a small icon next to every scientific expression on selected sites.  Simply press the icon and voilà, instant search results, how simple is that?

Example from Wikipedia:
Symbolab Quick Search extension

Currently supported sites are Wikipedia, Wikibooks, StackExchange, MathOverflow.

You can install the extension from Chrome Web Store or Firefox Addons.

What’s your Quick Search wish list?